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Hello, I'm Chef Bobby Brown



I'm Chef
Bobby Brown

Chef Bobby Brown, is the owner of Brown’s catering founded in 2009.


As a young boy he’s always had a passion to cook as he would watch his mother and wondered what it was that she was doing in the kitchen that made it smell so good.


He was always amazed by the different tastes and aromas that came from his mother’s kitchen.



Chef Brown was born in Lake City Florida and moved to Tampa Florida when he was three months old. He attended Hillsborough County local schools, and later began working at the Blue-Ribbon grocery store located in the old historic Ybor in the early 1980s.


He held many jobs and always love to work around food. At one point he was employed at Publix grocery stores while in high school and then left the grocery business and started working in the restaurant business.


I’ll never forget the first restaurant he worked at called Mirabella‘s Seafood Restaurant. I started in the dish room and worked my way to pots and pans, and when I got closer to the cooks, I always looked over at the chefs. I was deeply moved. That’s when I knew that cooking was my passion. Eventually I made my way to the breading station which was right next to the cooks.


A cook by the name of Earl Martin started teaching me the ropes. As I got my feet wet in the kitchen, he introduced me to an old Cuban man by the name of Rudy Romero. He took me under his wing and taught me all the ends and outs of the kitchen. When he passed away I became the head chef of the restaurant for several years until graduating in 1984.


After the birth of my first child, I realized that I needed to make more money, so I moved from a small restaurant to a hotel chain called the Tampa Airport Marriott. It was there that I started as a prep cook for two years, I later moved to a lead cook for two additional years. Then I became a sous chef and moved from sous chef to banquet chef. Afterwards, I began to prepare fine dining cuisine at a restaurant called CK‘s Revolving Rooftop.


After working at the Tampa Airport Marriott for 19 years, I had the opportunity to further my continuing education and studying of culinary arts catering at Johnson and Wales. Continuing education at JW Marriott continuing education High Park New York after leaving the hotel business I started my catering business in 2009 working along side with my beautiful wife LaToya Brown who is the co-owner of Brown’s catering. Together we cater all events, social events, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and gender reveals.





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